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High Heels and your feet health?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Jersey City Foot Dr. Naji Hawawini

A new study shows that people who wear high heels for a long period about 60 hours a week or more, can cause muscle and tendon damage and changes in person foot, ankle and legs, and not to mention painful nails and calluses, and aggravation of bunion and hammer toes.

The damage to the calf muscle and Achilles tendon start from shrinking the fiber muscle and the end results loosing calf muscles and increase the load and tension on the Achilles tendon due to fact the front of the foot the toes are pointing down and the heel are high from the ground.

A good Habit is prevention which can start from wearing high heels in Moderation, Stretching the Achilles tendon, and Exercises.

Put your best foot forward!

Jersey City Foot Doctor Naji Hawawini

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