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Jersey City Foot Dr. Naji Hawawini

1. Inspect your feet daily for blisters, cuts, scratches, scaling, and discoloration of the skin. If you are unable to, then have a family member or healthcare giver check.

2. Wash feet daily with mild, non-abrasive soap and warm water. Then dry feet carefully and completely, especially between your toes.

3. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Do not use hot water bottles or heating pads.

4. If your feet are cold at night, then wear a pair of cotton or wool socks to bed.

5. Wear properly fitted stockings that do not have seems or are mended, and change them daily.

6. Wear properly fitted shoes with soft leather or canvas uppers and flexible soles, with a strap or laces. Open toed or open heel shoes / sandals are not advisable.

7. Inspect inside of shoes for any foreign objects, torn linings, or crumpled linings.


9. NEVER cut or "dig out" corners of nails, or cut your own nails. Seek the care of a podiatrist to have your nails cut.

10. NEVER use chemical pads or agents to remove corns or calluses. Do not cut corn or calluses with any sharp objects like razors, nail cutters, or nail files. Seek the care of OUR OFFICE if these problems develop.


12. See your family physician regularly and have your feet checked at our office each visit.

Jersey City Foot Doctor Naji Hawawini

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