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Athlete's Foot: Image

A skin infection caused by fungus

A fungal infection may occur on any part of the body;   Fungus commonly attacks the feet because it thrives in a dark, moist, warm environment such as a shoe. Fungal infections are more common in warm weather when feet tend to sweat more.  Fungus grows in damp areas such as swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms. Fungus love moist and dark areas. Athlete's foot usually produces itchy, dry, scaling skin. It is commonly seen on the soles of the feet and in between the toes. In advanced cases, inflammation, cracks, and blisters may form; an infection caused by bacteria can also result. The fungus can spread to other areas of the body, including toenails. If your feet sweat a lot you may need to change your socks during the day. Anti-fungal powders, sprays, and/or creams are often utilized to treat athlete's foot. For best treatment, call our office ASAP to get back your healthy and active life style.

Athlete's Foot: Text
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