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Happy Feet Healthy Feet........

After wearing close shoes all winter long and walking through snow and rain in a cold winter season. 
Finally Spring  season is upon us. 
 April is  a month of rebirth and also the month of Foot Health Awareness , here is some tips help you to be on your feet for a long time, and to put your best foot forward.   •
 Need to check on your feet everyday ,  for any open cuts, bruises, sores, or any skin changes , such as  moles skin mark, swelling, and make sure to check between your toes and to dry between toes too and have a look at your nails color and shape. • Always wear right  breathable socks for the seasons, Always remove your nail polish over nails, so the nail can breath too  • Take a walk around the block not only you feel good but also help reduce or maintain the right weight and improve circulation. Always wear appropriate shoes for any activities. • Break in new shoes  by wearing them one a hour a day and increase the wear time each day by one more hour for  the first week. • Walking  barefoot is a big NO NO . Walking without a slipper or shoes will increase the chance of cuts and infections. • Never try bathroom surgery at home , never try to treat calluses, ingrown nail  or warts by yourself , neither the use of  over-the-counter products  they contains  harsh chemical and can burn the skin and expose you to infections.  • 
   Hope you find the information here a good step into a healthy happy feet.
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